Saturday, June 26, 2010

everything, everything'll be just fine

Okay. Iggy is done. Dead.

If you're still reading this, then listen up.

My name, my real name, is Danny.

Every time I start out to write a story, I have two things in mind: a beginning and an ending. I know where I'm starting and I know where I'm going, and the journey in between almost seems to write itself. It seems like this is the best way to write stories. There's so much fun discovering where the middle takes me, through the high country and the pits of death, and somehow I end up exactly where I was going the whole time.

Well -- here I am -- in between a beginning and an ending.

For me, Hollywood is now a closed, locked, and barred door, but see, it's locked and barred on the outside. I chose to shut the door on myself. For better or for worse, I've left my "dreams" of screenwriting sitting just by the foot of the door.

Where the middle will take me next, I honestly have no clue. There is One who knows. I leave it entirely in His capable hands to lead me through the high country and the pits of death, and if I ever come back to the door of Hollywood, I'll be ready with His help to pick up my dreams off the floor and knock.

Plus I had this incredible idea for a script that I can't share with anyone to this day, because someday I might be writing it. I guarantee though, it's so good an idea that I actually need to take a few years, just to get better at writing and life, before I do anything with it. I DO NOT want to mess it up.

But until then... I'm just walking through the middle, and I have no idea where I'm going.

I guess things are no different than before.

Except -- there is a difference. A peculiar kind of difference that I couldn't have predicted, or dreamed of eight months ago.

The difference is hope.

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